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Project Arrangements:
Teamwork & flexibility are both priorities at AKGears. Select the business arrangement that works best for your design team:
  • Project based consulting, when whole project or its stages are quoted upfront
  • Hourly based consulting, when a project scope cannot be defined upfront (typically R&D and failure analysis)
  • Exclusive consulting agreements
  • Other project arrangements are possible per customer request
Gear Design and R&D:
AKGears provides its consulting services, which vary from complete gear design (for customers without sufficient gear design expertise) to just retouching (typically tooth and fillet profile optimization) of existing customer’s design to maximize gear train performance.

Provided services include:
  • Traditional or Direct Gear Design
  • Reverse engineering
  • Current design refinement
  • R&D, failure and testing analysis
  • Gear drive design optimization for:
    • Increased load capacity
    • Size and weight reduction
    • Noise and vibration reduction
    • Higher gear efficiency
    • Backlash minimization
    • Increased lifetime
    • Higher reliability
    • Cost reduction
  • Gear ratio modification and adjustment
  • Stress Analysis: Standard (AGMA, ISO) and FEA
  • Tolerancing & Tolerance Analysis
  • 3D modeling & Drafting
  • Material & Heat Treatment Recommendations
  • Manufacturing Technology Recommendations
  • Tooling Design
  • Gear Prototype Fabrication
  • Gear Inspection
  • Customer Representation
  • Other related services
Gear Types:
Spur gears Helical gears Crossed-Helical gears
Spur Helical Crossed-Helical
Bevel gears Worm gears Face gears
Bevel Worm Face
Self-Locking gears Worm-Face gears Noncircular gears
Self-Locking Worm-Face Noncircular
    and more...
Gear arrangements: cluster, planetary, differential, and combinations
Types of Gear Mesh: involute, cycloid (gerotors)
Gear Materials: steel alloys, nonferrous metals (brass, bronze, aluminum, titanium alloys, etc.), powder metal alloys, polymers, and others…

For a gear design quotation, to ask questions or send comments, please contact AKGears at ak@akgears.com.

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